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GW0742 SARM Review 

Currently, it is the backbone for all clinical research into PPARβ/δ agonist.

Super GW is a new and powerful which differs from its predecessor gw501516 due to enhanced synthesis and biological activity.

PPARβ/δ ligands are members of a group of nuclear receptors that play diverse roles in metabolism, development, and cellular differentiation.

There are numerous effects on genes involved in metabolism.

GW0742 Benefits

GW0742 may help the treatment of diabetic disorders, insulin sensitivity and burning fat in a dose-dependent manner. 

Skeletal muscle plays a significant role in insulin resistance, and PPARβ/δ upregulates GLUT4, which is glucose uptake into the tissues. 

Administration of synthetic PPARδ agonists to obese rhesus monkeys elevated HDL levels (good cholesterol) resulted in escalated reverse cholesterol transport in vitro.

Studies suggest PPARδ is a significant factor for lipid uptake into macrophages. 

GW0742 fans the expression of transforming growth factor β; this means more chondrogenesis. 

What that means is that it suppresses cartilage fibrillation, ossification, and inflammation.

That is a pretty important finding for those with rickety joints and stiffness, moving right along here.

Treatment with PPAR-δ agonist increases the production of Type II Collagen and TGF-β.

Yes, we are talking about the same TB-500.

PPAR-δ increased the protein level of TGF-β in a dose-dependent manner.